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Beowulf Supercomputing Clusters for DOS

Do it yourself in an evening for under $10.


A project meant to make supercomputing available to the experimenter,
 amateur scientist, small laboratories and the inventor.


About this site

Build your own

Follow the links below for a step-by-step look at your own low-cost supercomputing cluster. If you have two or more old DOS machines, the cost can probably be kept under $10. The machines don't need a lot of memory or even a hard drive, but they must have a working parallel port.

The platform for the cluster is UBASIC 8.8F, which is an ultra-precision high speed language written entirely in assembly language and downloadable for free. I prefer FreeDOS as the operating system as UBASIC runs significantly faster on it than it does on MS-DOS.



Constructing the connection cable  For two PCs

Constructing a ring cable  For more than two PCs

Download  32bit     Download  16bit      Version 2.01 October 11, 2002

Download  FreeDOS

Getting started

OK, I got it working. Now what?

Program notes

Ring flow

UBASIC speed tips

UBASIC help files

Optimize your computer

Known Problems


My other projects


Folding dinghy plans:  Here



Last update September 4, 2006

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