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Hints and Tips


Screen size

To change a theme from say, 1024 x 768, to 800 x 600, all you need to do is resize the backgound. Then it is a simple matter to change the HTML to resize the text and GIFs.


Adding new APPS

You can save a lot of time setting up a new DOS application with "A" desktop by making the .OOK file first. Then try to execute it from the Arachne file manager to make sure it will run OK. Note the path that is shown in Arachne's browser window (where URL addresses are shown) and use that as the path when you create the icon on your desk page. For example FILE:C:/DESK/OOPS/xxx.OOK



I wanted a shutdown for my ATX machine. It works from the DOS prompt through X.BAT, which is:


ATXOFF.COM is available HERE.  X.BAT is placed in C:\ARACHNE

To shutdown, I type [alt+x] to exit Arachne, then X [enter] to shutdown. Almost as fast as a power failure.


GEM desktop

I got GEM/3 to run under Arachne, but only with FreeDOS. Gives you a free Publisher as well as those below.


FreeGEM application suite.

An APM that will allow Arachne to access ICQ can be downloaded.


  I made this fire to fit in the cabin fireplace HERE


A simple screen rotator

Say you have made three nice desktop themes and want them to change when you start your machine. ROTATE.BAT can placed in autoexec or A.BAT can be modified as below.

@echo off 
cd desk
cd images

REN back.gif back6.gif  
(assorted backgrounds)
REN back1.gif back.gif 
REN back2.gif back1.gif
REN back3.gif back2.gif
REN back4.gif back3.gif
REN back5.gif back4.gif
REN back6.gif back5.gif

REN mount.gif mount4.gif   
(mountain scenes suitable for the animated fish that leap)
REN mount1.gif mount.gif 
REN mount2.gif mount1.gif
REN mount3.gif mount2.gif
REN mount4.gif mount3.gif

rem Arachne WWW browser quick start command:
ARACHNE.BAT %1 %2 %3 %4

If you only wanted to change the background, use BACK.BMP instead of DESK. Or you could do both. If there are four backgrounds and three foregrounds, that would give 12 combinations. However, each HTM could be assigned to a different set of backgounds, giving unlimited combinations.